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Scratchpads release - 2.9.4

Published by Scratchpads Team on .

Today we have released Scratchpads version 2.9.4 to all sites. This is the first release from the new 6-week development cycle, with Josh Humphries taking his turn to look after the Scratchpads from 1st December 2018 to 17th January 2019.

The changes in this release are listed below:

- <a href="">Upgrade to PHP 7 (@PaulKiddle)</a>
- <a href="">Upgrade to Drupal 7.61 (@jrdh)</a>
- <a href="">Replace Simon with Scratchpads Team in DwC-A metadata (@jrdh)</a>
- <a href="">Strip HTML tags from page titles (@jrdh)</a>
- <a href="">Allow TIF files to be uploaded (@jrdh) </a>
- <a href="">Rotate docker logs (@jrdh)</a>
- <a href="">Fix AJAX responses when using the wavesurfer module (@jrdh)</a>
- <a href="">Wrap biblio URLs to improve presentation (@PaulKiddle)</a>
- <a href="">More comprehensive .gitignore for sites directory (@edwbaker)</a>

Additionally, the few sites that were archived have been made visible again so that they can be statically browsed at their original URLs.

We would again like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during the Christmas period when all sites experienced performance issues.

In the next 6-week sprint we will again be tackling more bugs with the aim of closing all the currently open bugs in the issue queue ( We are also planning on redeveloping the maps module.

Thank you, The Scratchpads Team