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Scratchpads are an easy and effective way to present your data online.
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Whether you want to prepare a paper with colleagues, build a bibliographic database or create a reference collection of images and observations, Scratchpads can help.
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Case studies

  • Screenshot of DEST scratchpad


    The Distributed European School of Taxonomy (DEST) aims at transferring knowledge between current and future generations of taxonomists by providing high quality education and prepare students for future taxonomic careers. DEST is using Scratchpads as a coordination and dissemination platform.

    Visit DEST Scratchpad
  • Screenshot of Solanaceae Source scratchpad

    Solanaceae Source

    Solanaceae Source aims to provide a worldwide taxonomic monograph of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The family is of considerable economic importance and contains species that are used as food (potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants), medicines (henbane and deadly nightshades) and in horticulture (petunias)

    Visit Solanaceae Source Scratchpad
  • Screenshot of Sampled Red List Index for Plants scratchpad

    Sampled Red List Index for Plants

    SRLI for Plants collects vital information on plant species, including habitat, population and threats, which are used to determine risk of extinction. This is part of an ongoing monitoring effort to help understand the status and trends of plant species over time.

    Visit Sampled Red List Index for Plants Scratchpad
  • Screenshot of African ichthyology portal scratchpad

    African ichthyology portal

    Africhthy is a web portal for African ichthyology created to make available species data & literature as well as to promote efficient networking and collaboration among professionals, students and hobbyists.

    Visit African ichthyology portal Scratchpad
  • Screenshot of AntKey scratchpad


    Antkey is a community resource for the identification of invasive, introduced and commonly intercepted ant species from across the globe

    Visit AntKey Scratchpad


  • Scratchpads release 2.9.17

    Scratchpads 2.9.17 has been released. This release brings two module upgrades and fixes bugs with DOI import and Species Tabs display.
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  • Scratchpads release 2.9.16

    Scratchpads version 2.9.16 has been released, and all NHM-hosted sites have been updated to this latest version.
    Read more
  • Next Steps in the Evolution of Scratchpads

    This week at the TDWG 2020 conference we presented our intention to migrate Scratchpads away from its current Drupal codebase and towards a system that’s easier to support. Part of this involves an exploration of data storage platforms that we can partner with so that our developers can focus more on the user interface.
    Read more
  • Scratchpads release 2.9.12

    Scratchpads version 2.9.12 has been released, and we are in the process of updating all sites to this latest version.
    Read more
  • Scratchpads release 2.9.11

    Scratchpads version 2.9.11 has been released, and we are in the process of updating all sites to this latest version.
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