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Azman Abdul Rahim

Photo of Azman Abdul Rahim
  • Azman Abdul Rahim
  • School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Faculty of Science & Technology Universiti Kebangsaan
  • Malaysia

Scratchpad user since 2014

Research field

  • Gammaridean amphipods taxonomy; marine ecology; biological oceanography
  • Species composition and distribution of sea grass species around Peninsular Malaysia
  • Biodiversity of Gammaridean amphipods of the Malay Peninsular
  • Biodiversity and ecological study of Mysids in Malaysian waters
  • Biodiversity and ecological study of Caprellidean amphipods in Malaysian waters

Professional experience

Work experience includes 8 years in teaching basic and advance zoology courses, particularly in allied fields of marine science, and research. Academic experiences include more than 10 years of research studies in ecosystem processes and marine biodiversity. Collaborate with scientists around the South East Asian region (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore) and also Germany, Australia, and Japan)